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Is it a problem that my video is not in English?

Not at all! EURO VIDEO SONG is an international festival.


I worked on a video, but I’m not the owner. Can I still submit the video?

Yes, you can. But if your video gets selected, we’ll need the owner’s consent in order to present it on our platform and screen it at the festival.


Our video’s a narrative that includes several songs. Is it okay to submit it as it is?

If the video is under 8 minutes, it will be accepted. However, we prefer that each music video is made for a single track. We recommend to divide the tracks and submit them separately.


My video contains credits at the end. Can I submit it or is it disqualified?

You can submit it as it is at first. If the video gets nominated, we will ask you to remove the end credits.


What if the credits are styled in a way it’s a part of the concept of the video? Do I have to remove it?

If the video is nominated, then the answer is yes. We ask all the nominees to send us their videos without the credit roll because we want all of the videos to be aligned. We will credit relevant people for each category.


Can I submit more than one video?

Sure! You can submit as many videos as you wish. However, two videos from the same artist or filmmaker can’t be in the same category. It is recommended to apply to three categories or more.


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