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Dimitri Vallein 

Dimitri Vallein

Dimitri Vallein aka ValOne:
After creating a Youtube channel with more than 150,000 subscribers and over 30 million views, ValOne started creating augmented reality filters at the age of 22. His filters have been viewed over 500 million times worldwide and he was invited by Facebook as one of the best filter designers on the planet. Today, he's focused on creating animated movies. His goal is to democratize the genre and create work that has the potential to go mainstream.

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What is your project about?

The Last Star is an animated sci-fi short film set in the year 7437. A mysterious ancient civilization is destroying all the stars in the sky. One of their agents is about to destroy the last one - a beautiful blue star.

What was your role in The Last Star project?

As a director, my role in "The Last Star" project was multifaceted, encompassing various aspects of the filmmaking process. I shaped the overall creative vision of the film from conception to execution, ensuring that it was in line with the artistic ambitions and narrative goals I had in mind.

What are your ambitions with your project?

My ambition with The Last Star project was lofty, yet grounded in a deep commitment to artistic expression and storytelling. At its core, I wanted to create a cinematic experience that would transcend the boundaries of genre and engage audiences on a visceral and emotional level. I wanted to make a movie that not only entertained but also challenged viewers to contemplate existential questions and explore the depths of the human condition.

Tell us something about your work.

I am obsessed with a feeling that I call "Melanphoria", something that falls perfectly between melancholia and euphoria. I've always tried to cultivate and maintain this feeling in my creations, such as the videos of the months I was making at the time (which you can find here:

For me, the most relevant way to express a cinematic emotion is when you're on the borderline between melancholy and euphoria. There's something that has always interested me about this strong contrast you can have between something euphoric and joyful and something melancholy and nostalgic at the same time. Like having tears that are not entirely tears of joy and not entirely tears of sadness, something in between.

And for me, perhaps one of the greatest artists of the twentieth century is Chaplin, and Chaplin is exactly that. It's this constant confusion between the most beautiful and funny thing in the world and the saddest thing in the world.

What motivated you to become a filmmaker?

Making animation for a wide audience motivates me to work a little harder every day. Right now, animation is still seen as something for young audiences, with most of its characters being talking animals or sentient objects. Animation needs to push back the little walls that surround it and get rid of the things that hold it back. There is so much to explore and share! I'm sure animation will surpass film in the coming years, and I want to be a part of it

What topics do you like to explore in your work?

As a director, I am passionate about exploring a variety of themes that resonate with me including the human condition, existentialism, morality, the interconnectedness of individuals, and the pursuit of meaning in a chaotic world. I am also fascinated by stories that challenge conventional notions of reality and invite audiences to question their perceptions and beliefs. 

What genre do you like to shoot and why?

When it comes to genre, science fiction holds a special place in my heart as a filmmaker. Science fiction provides a canvas on which I can paint bold visions of the future, extrapolating from the present to speculate on what lies ahead. The genre allows me to grapple with existential questions in thought-provoking and often allegorical ways. Science fiction also allows me to push the boundaries of visual storytelling, challenging me to create immersive worlds that transport the audience to alternate realities. In addition, science fiction speaks to my innate curiosity about the universe and our place in it and invites us to contemplate the possibilities of scientific discovery and technological advancement. of my curiosity and passion for film is silent cinema - the expressive potency of human gesture and dance captured on film offers a kind of kinetic map of the spirit in action. 

What project would you like to shoot one day, and what would it be about?

One project that I am deeply fascinated by and would love to bring to the screen one day is 'La Horde du Contrevent' by Alain Damasio. This ambitious and visionary novel has captured my imagination with its richly textured world and thought-provoking themes.
'La Horde du Contrevent' follows the journey of a group of wind walkers as they traverse a desolate landscape plagued by fierce winds. As they embark on a dangerous quest to discover the source of these winds and bring balance to their world, they confront existential questions about fate, identity, and the nature of power.
The novel's blend of epic adventure, philosophical inquiry, and poetic prose presents a compelling challenge for the screen. La Horde du Contrevent' embodies the kind of ambitious and intellectually stimulating storytelling that I aspire to as a filmmaker. I would be honored to have the opportunity to helm such a project and share its powerful message with audiences around the world.

What are you mainly focusing on and what are you planning in the near future?

As for what I'm mainly focusing on and my plans for the near future, it all revolves around my profound passion for storytelling and the dynamic possibilities that animation offers within the realm of cinema. Every day, I'm driven by the boundless potential of animation to push the boundaries of storytelling and challenge conventional norms. Looking ahead, I'm deeply committed to exploring how animation can reshape our understanding of cinema and transcend age barriers. My goal is to contribute to this transformative process by crafting narratives that provoke thought and redefine what it means to experience cinema. This vision energizes me and propels me forward, motivating me to work tirelessly towards my aspirations.

Do you mostly work alone, but do you have your own team?

One of the most interesting things about filmmaking or animation is that it's always driven by teamwork in the service of a unique vision. The idea of a collective adventure energizes me.
I have the opportunity to work with some very talented people:
- Qtn.Cls is my cinematographer. We now work hand in hand on all my new projects.
- Vincent Guyon, who writes the scripts with me.
- Slamg Things, who designs the digital fabrics for the short films.
- Zakaria Benkabouche, who gives the final touch with his color work.
- Mugi, who creates beautiful typography and posters for each movie.
I also work with freelancers from time to time, especially for character design, but I haven't found the right person yet, so if you are a character artist and think your work would fit, don't hesitate to contact me!

What is your greatest success?

When I finally finished the first version of The Last Star after multiple months of hard work to bring it to life, I remember showing it to a few friends of mine, and the magic was seeing their eyes go wide! That moment was worth every minute of the struggle.

What are you mainly focusing on and what are you planning in the near future?

I'm working on three fascinating animation projects right now, each of which is an original exploration of narrative and visual expression. The upcoming film "Vortex" is expected to captivate viewers with its beautiful animation. 'New Specimen' represents a pivotal point in my animation career and feeds my desire to push the boundaries of the medium even further, exploring new territory with intricate character dynamics, compelling dialogue, and detailed facial animation. Finally, 'The Day I Met You', is under pre-production, with a dedicated crew creating every aspect from storyboard to script. With this project, which will also be my biggest animation project to date, I hope to leave a lasting impression on people's hearts and souls.
In the future, I would like to make a full-length animated film that can be shown in theaters around the world.

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