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Euro Music Video Song (EMVS) is an international festival that puts filmmakers and the art music videos in the spotlight.


The winners of main categories /Best Music Music Video, Best Munich Music Video, Best Director Music Video, Best Cinematography, Best Production, Best Actor Music Video, 

Best Actress Music Video/ will be presented on physical event once a year in our ANNUAL CEREMONY 24th August 2023 in Záhradné kino - Košice.


The festival is awarded every 2 months and is evaluated by our jury as part of a private screening.


Supporting both unknown and famous artists, it is a event for the music video and music industries.


Combining image with music creates the long-awaited "integral cinema" that adds another dimension and power to visual messages. At the same time, it gives the second life music itself, which allows us to visualize images inspired by melodies, which are often lost in the subconscious.


No matter the language, genre or popularity.

Be part of EVS 2023

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